Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Creations

Here's a new twist on my button hair ties--I added a felt flower and not to be super-cheesy, but I really do think they're cute as a button. Come and get yours at the Zonta Holiday Marketplace this weekend- they'll make perfect stocking stuffers!

Here are a few more pretty little things, fresh from the studio. This first image is of a pendant made from a Mexican blue-glass pitcher someone gave us for our wedding. Rowan accidentally broke it last year, and I tumbled the shards to give them new life as jewelry! Also, beach stones collected on MDI and made into earrings, brown Islesboro sea glass earrings, and some white sea glass earrings with Christmas flair.

 I've been having fun making mini-paintings lately too. This is my collection so far- I'm in the process of trying to use resin to attach them to glass to make ornaments and I may make some into magnets...not sure what the best thing is to do with them, but they are quick and fun to make.

My other fun side project has been making a set of paper dolls for Rowan for Christmas. They are of her and all of her favorite toys and pets. I'm going to attach magnets to the back so she can play with them on a magnetic white board and we can draw different backgrounds.

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  1. I love everything! The Rowan paper doll collection is adorable... good luck at your craft fair(s)!
    ~Caroline :)